Max Davidson – Australian Legend

Davidson’s Lodge founder Max Davidson  was a buffalo hunter turned environmentalist.  Max became prominent as a tourism icon and a global ambassador for the Northern Territory and Australian Tourism Industry 

“The late Max Davidson and Charlie Mangulda were great mates. Charlie saw Max as a blackfella with white skin and asked him to look after his country. They formed an exclusive lease and discovered many rock-art galleries out here.” 

Max Davidsons unusual hands-on guiding model has helped make Mt Borradaile the global icon it is today The guests get to touch, taste, see, smell and feel on the way to discovering the areas ancient heritage.

Mt Borradaile is revered as one of the world’s richest and most powerful indigenous cultural sites containing thousands of rock paintings recording 50,000 years of Human occupation. Max personally uncovered many of these sites in their pristine state since arriving in 1985.

The original Davidsons camp had safari tents, pit toilets, a donkey system to heat water for showers and a crude but cosy insect screened communal gathering place.  Todays lodge boasts 20 spacious bush facing cabins, a dining, lounge and bar area as well as a paved pool area.

Mt Borradaile was always a special place close to his heart and it was his love of Mt Borradaile and his passion which has helped make Davidsons Arnhemland Safaris the multi award winning eco-tourism lodge it is today.