Top End Seasons – When to come

Are you thinking about visiting the Top End but not sure when to come? Here are a few suggestions from the staff at Mt Borradaile about the different seasons.

The Top End of NT has a tropical savannah climate with distinct wet and dry seasons.

Wet Season

March and April

This is the lush season of wildflowers and lots of water. During this time thunderstorms are common and afternoon humidity can reach 70%. This season is a secret gem, most tourists are scared off with inaccessibility and threats of stifling humidity, however with the mornings are pleasant and the afternoon storms relieve the humidity that builds, the freshness is delightful. Across the landscapes miniature waterfalls appear and the swimming holes are deep and crystal clear.

Runoff Season

April and May

This is the best time for fishing. The rivers are pumping, the water is still warm and the barramundi are biting. The storms and humidity is easing. We do however go fishing for barramundi all year round.

Dry Season

June to September

This is the most popular season for visiting the Top End. We experience our coolest months in June and July where the nightly minimum temperature may dip as low as 14°C. The days are warm and sunny averaging 32°C and afternoon humidity of around 30%. Usually no rain falls during these months. As the rivers slow down and the water cools, the wildlife becomes prolific on our floodplain and the crocodiles come up on the banks to sunbathe.

Build-up Season

Mid-September to November

The temperatures start to rise slowly at first. By October and November the daily temperatures can reach 36-38°C and the humidity increases to 80%. This time of year is the hottest and can be uncomfortable for those not accustomed to hot weather and humidity. The evenings often bring spectacular electrical storms as the build-up develops.

Mt Borradaile opens for the beginning of March and operates through to mid-November, showcasing all the seasons of the Top End for guests to experience.