Privileged Access

Nestled against the Arnhemland escarpment, the area you will be visiting has been occupied by aboriginal people for over 50,000 years.

Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris began operating in 1986 when the traditional owners of the area approached Max Davidson in regards to the possibility of a tourism venture at Mt Borradaile. The lodge has evolved over the years to become the premium destination in Arnhem Land.

A significant section of the property is a registered sacred site. Davidson’s Arnhemland Safari’s has permission from the traditional owners to take guests through these sacred areas, a very unique opportunity in Australia.

Traditional owners

Mt Borradaile is still owned and managed by its traditional custodians the Amurdak people whose inhabitation of the area dates back for 50,000 years. Visitors of all ages have the opportunity to access this very special, protected and highly restricted region via the honorary custodian status conferred on Max Davidson and his staff by the traditional landowners. Today the story of their ancestry is evident in the many tools, ceremonial grounds and rock art paintings – still being uncovered today.

Eco tourism

While providing a much needed source of income for Mt Borradaile’s traditional owners, Eco Tourism is a modern way to preserve the landscape and culturally significant sites to ensure future generations can enjoy it in its natural state. That is why we’ve adopted the highest standards of practise and certification from organisations such as Eco Tourism Australia, and the Respect our Culture Certification initiative.